' SummitVine - Our Story
We wanted to create a place where people would love to visit and that would inspire traditions that defied packed schedules and hectic lives. We embarked on this adventure in 1998, when on our first trip to look at property we saw the land we now call home, high up on Diamond Mountain.

To call what it was "a diamond in the rough" is, at best, an understatement. This was a densely forested, nearly inaccessible woodland tract that choked sunlight with its thick, impenetrable overgrowth. We would often strain our eyes and our imaginations to see what this setting could possibly offer. What has transpired since those first skeptical moments is nothing short of miraculous.

Although farming wine grapes was not part of our initial vision, we soon realized that this land was a very special place, and that growing and making wine from these grapes would yield something truly unique. The result is not only a peaceful mountaintop sanctuary with spectacular views, but also two meticulously cultivated vineyards that produce highly sought-after grapes that are continually recognized for their superior quality.

This is how SummitVine Ranch was created. These are the roots of your SummitVine experience.