' SummitVine - Olive Oil

On a cold morning in November 2008, Susan and Michael naively set out with large buckets and rakes to pick the first fruit from the olive trees. It was a long, exhausting, yet very rewarding day, and so began the olive-picking chapter at SummitVine Ranch. Learning a lesson from that first harvest, they are now helped by a team of family and friends, making for a fun, annual tradition.  The result of that labor is a high quality, rich, flavorful oil with the verdant characteristics of the ranch, exclusively labeled and bottled under our SummitVine brand.

SummitVine Olive Oil is a select blend of Italian varietals, Frantoio, Leccino, Maurino and Pendolino, with a dash of Spanish olives from four 80-year-old Manzanillo trees. The oil captures the bright, natural essence of fresh olives. No pesticides or chemicals are used and the olives are pressed locally on an organic press.

Quantities are limited and, although high quality olive oil can last a couple years if stored properly, we still vintage date each bottling so you can be assured of freshness. SummitVine olive oil can be drizzled on savory Mediterranean foods, mixed with garlic and fresh herbs for a delicious dipping oil, or tossed with your favorite salad. It always makes a wonderful culinary gift for friends and family.

Being able to share olive oil from SummitVine Ranch is truly an exceptional opportunity and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!