Wine is the collaboration between Nature, Farmer, and Winemaker.

The combination of climate and soils of unique and exceptional vineyards combined with meticulous hand-farming principles, will produce grapes of distinct character and exceptional quality that, in the hands of our highly skilled winemaker, become a bottle of wine that is truly reflective of SummitVine.


A passion for wine

We are currently focusing on two wines that are the foundation of our wine making philosophies. These limited production wines are crafted from grapes grown on the steep slopes of Diamond Mountain, high above the Napa Valley and reflect the unique combination of volcanic soils at SummitVine Ranch. These rich, dark wines are immaculately balanced with long, complex finishes providing a rewarding tasting experience and designed to make life’s best moments truly memorable.

Our Products

Learn more about our Cabernet Sauvignon, Proprietary Red Wine Blend, Diamant, and Extra Virgin Olive oil, all sourced from renowned SummitVine Ranch!

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